Table Tennis

Tournaments – View

Platforms – Blog platform used by Troy Hunt

Current: – list of online courses – learn to code for non-profit



Configuration Management (Designed to install and manage software)

  • – Infrastructure Automation
  • – Intelligent orchestration for the software-defined data centers
  • – Automation for Everyone
  • – Open source Puppet helps you describe machine configurations in a declarative language, bring machines to a desired state, and keep them there through automation.
  • – A system administration toolkit providing a powerful, portable, and modular set of tools for the automated installation, configuration, and management of clusters, farms, grids and clouds.


Networking/Servers/in-house services: – The World’s #1 Storage OS



Visual Code Studio – – My Current one (Free)

Sublime –

Python: – Sci IDE

PHP – PHP learning – Most used Framework in 2017

Cryptography Currency:

SSL: – free automated SSL’s


Coding Training:

Free E-learning courses:

Security: – Bug bounty platform – Check if your account detail have ever been stolen – Websites header security scanner – is a new and free security app for mobile phones and computers. – Advanced Open Source vulnerability scanner and manager – Web Security – Hack Me Open Source Project – A mirror of deliberately insecure applications and old softwares with known vulnerabilities.

https://exploit-exercises.provides a variety of virtual machines and challenges – The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook – free online courses – Android Security Updates dates for phones – Check if you password has been exposed.

Security Experts Blogs: – Chief Technology Officer of IBM

Housing Info: – rent tracker – living comparison – Report Fraud site – LISA 25% every year towards your morgate – Word WellBeing index

Shares – first 3 trades are for free. – UK share dealing from 1.5 regular of 8.95 per trade. – New Companies Entering Market – Halifax Fantasy Share Dealing – New IPO Calendar

Online: (Commission = £5.95 per trade ; Admin = Free)

Guardian Stockbrokers (Commission= £6.94 per trade (costing up to £50,000) ; Admin = Free)

SimplyStockbroking (Commission = £8 per trade ; Admin = Free

Trading – Best rates so far that I have found.

Report Crime – GOOGLE SITE – Phone Premium Numbers (unexpected bill) – EE fraund report

Information Commisioners Office on 03031231113 (HM Fraud text) – Fraund Tex – HMRC

Running: – 10k obstacles £39.

Security: – Security Scanner Paid

Performance: – Page speed diagnostics

Services: – uploading and processing service – Free Pictures Library – bank account validation – FREE Credit Score Info – free credit score checker – free credit score – Biometric list of post offices

Cover – Europe up to 16 years old car. – £78 full europe cover

Investments – Business Loan

Software – photo editing



Bonus 25% HelpToBuy

Mortgate –

Fee-Free Mortgage Broker –

Current Account with Insurance/Cover Account –

Life Insurance

Solicitors – Choose the one with a minimum of 4 SRA-approved managers. Required by some lenders.

Searches –

Banks offering Share ownership mortgages

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