How to remove annoying message on Digital Ocean SSD Hosting after droplet creation

The problem. Annoying message every time you are logging in 🙂

* Documentation:
To finish installing WordPress, navigate to your droplet’s IP:
Make sure to specify hostname from DO panel to your droplet before creating it (for example: ‘’ or ‘’)
This will create necessary Apache configs based on hostname and Apache will respond based on hostname.
Server will also respond to its IP address, so if you finish installation from http://IP then
you will need to change hostname from WordPress Settings later (from http://IP to http://hostname)


You can use the GREP command to search the content in your files on your system.

-r recursive

-n line number

-w whole word matching

root@amios# grep -rnw /etc/ -e ‘To finish installing WordPress,’

That is the puppy!

File /etc/motd – Line no 2 😉
/etc/motd.tail:2:To finish installing WordPress, navigate to your droplet’s IP

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