LOL League of Legends Launcher Fixes

For those who are having the Kernel error
“ Patcher Kernel has stopped working”

A common solution is to run the Program(League of Legends) as Admin

Right click League of Legends
Run as Administrator

If unsuccessful, attempt the instructions within the Client/Launcher Related Issues link

For those who are having the Black/Disappearing Logo error
an alternative fixture could be

Right Click your Desktop
Go to Screen Resolutions
Click on Advanced Settings
Click the Monitor Tab
Alter the Screen Refresh Rate to 60Hertz(Hz)
(or what is available that is an increase/decrease)

For those who are having the Bugsplat/Reconnect error
An equivalent means to resolve this problem is to

Bring up Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete)
End Process for all League of Legends Applications
Right Click your LoL Launcher Icon
Go to Properties
Compatibility Tab
Check/UnCheck the Run this Program in compatibility mode:
Find Suitable Mode to Operate LoL (mine was Vista S1)
Run as Administrator
Apply Settings
(May have to restart computer, I have had to a couple times then other times I do not)
ReLaunch League

For those who are having the Rads/Un-launchable error <— Can resolve Kernel error as well
A possibility to resolve such issue could be to

Go to” C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects”
Delete the Folder called “lol_launcher”
Relaunch League of Legends
Patcher will download a new “lol_launcher”

Alternative route:

Go to “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\downloads”
Delete everything within the folder
Go back to “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects ”
Delete the lol_air_client and lol_air_client_config_na
Go back to “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions”
Delete everything within here
Restart Computer
Relauncher LoL as Administrator

Third Possiblity could be to

Uninstall League of Legends
Download and Install Alternative Patcher
NA Version
EUW Version
EUNE Version

Fourth Solution:

If you are running on NA launcher
Uninstall League
Delete/Remove Remaining Files or anything Excess pertaining to League
Restart Computer
Install Alternate Patcher/Installer (eg. EUNE/EUW vis versa if you are using EUNE/EUW)
Copy the Folders(C:\Programs\League of Legends\RADS\projects) and place onto Desktop:


Uninstall current Patcher/Installer
Restart Computer/Delete Remaining LoL files besides the copied files
Reinstall correct Version of LoL(if you normally use NA/EU/EUNE install that)
Copy Over the Installed Folders from your Desktop
Run League

For those who are Crashing In Lobby/Champion Selection

Crash Fix For Champ Select

Alternative Solution:
If you are running LoL Recorder/Replay

Close, Uninstall, or End Processes the program

For those who have Disconnected while In-Game

Many people seem to over look this or are unaware of the Pin
but regardless here is an Alternative Solution

Quick Reconnect/Ignore Login Process

For those who are getting Disconnect from error

Download Disable IPv6
Install the .msi file and follow the Prompt
ReLaunch LoL

If desired with unsuccessful attempt

Re-enable IPv6

Direct link for MS guide

Manual Disable IPv6

Disconnecting Alternatives<<—Can Help Resolve High Ping/Spikes as well

Disable/Uninstall Pando media booster
Disable Peer to Peer

Open Launcher
Click the Gear Icon
Uncheck Peer to Peer

Disable IP Helper

Press your Windows key
type Run in the search bar and open
type in services.msc then hit OK
scroll down to IP Helper and right click to Properties
Under the General tab you will see the Start up Type drop down menu
Change this to Disabled then press OK
Right Click IP Helper and click Stop

Add League to Windows Firewall

Go to your Control Panel
Open Windows Firewall
Click on Allow a program or feature through windows firewall
Add: Patcher
(path) League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_launcher\releases.0.0. 187\deploy\LoLLauncher.exe
League of Legends (TM) Client
(path)League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s.0.0.248\deploy\League of Legends.exe
lol.launcher.admin Optional
(path)League of Legends\lol.launcher.admin.exe

For those who are having the High Ping/Spikes error

High Ping Fix
Alternative Solutions for High Ping
Riot Thread in Regards to the High Latency

For those who are getting the Patch 33% error:

A few methods I have come by are

Outside of NA
Download the Hotspot Shield
Run LoL Patcher
Uninstall Hotspot Shield


Run LoL
Click the Repair
Wait roughly 10-15sec
Close LoL
Relaunch League

Third Solution:

Go to My Computer
Locate your League of Legends folder
Open your Rads folder
Delete everything Inside of your Solutions folder
Relaunch LoL Patcher
(Some may have have to delete the Entire Rads Folder)

For those who are receiving the Did Not Receive Response From Server error:

Ensure League is Closed
Open up Internet Explorer
Vist any website outside of your homepage
Relaunch League

Ensure these settings are Correct

Go to Internet Options
Connections Tab
Lan Settings
Under Automatic Configuration section
Check “Automatically detect settings”
Under Proxy Server section
Check Use a proxy server for your LAN
Check Bypass proxy server for local address

For those who are getting the Shader 2.0 error:

Make sure LoL is closed
Open your League of Legends\Config folder
There will be a file called game.cfg
Delete this
Relaunch League of Legends
It will patch the missing file/s
Once in a game go to VIDEO settings and apply preferred resolution/settings

Alternative Solution:

Right click League of Legends and go to Properties
Go to the Compatibility Tab
Check “Run in 640×480 screen resolution”
Then Apply/OK and relaunch LoL
Run a custom/game
Once Loaded press ESC and go to VIDEO settings
Change your Resolution to desired settings and apply
Close League and go back to your Compatibility tab
Uncheck “Run in 640×480 screen resolution”
Then Apply/OK and relaunch LoL

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How to fix League of Legends LOL game crashed / reconnecting – Collection of fixes / Fix LoL

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First. Please read it careful if something is wrong or you got something else PLEASE SHARE it add comments and I will update the set of fixes so the other gamers can enjoy the game the same as you 🙂

How to fix crashing in League of Legends? Why I am creating it?

The answer is simple I had the same issue and I wonder what I have changed that suddenly the game started crashing every time. Welcome Bans and lost of lost games !

The game should PC proof but it seems it is not :).

In my situation everything was working fine then suddenlyt it started crashing all the time. Lags in game/ Crash PC restarted game re installation nothing helped ;).

I manage to get a list of thing what it might be and after I finish doing everything and restarting my PC at the end it fixed my problem.

If nothing below helped you report your issue to LOL

0.1 Check your Internet Connection. The below is recommend by LOL


0.2 Check if you meet all the LOL criteria with regards to networking

1. Uninstall Pando Booster.

  • This get installed together with game at some point and once you got a game and it’s completely not needed.

2. IP Helper Disabling – Windows Service (This is for proxy, IPv6)

What the IP helper is ?

Windows description: Provides tunnel connectivity using IPv6 transition technologies (6to4, ISATAP, Port Proxy, and Teredo) and IP-HTTPS. If this service is stopped, the computer will not have the enhanced connectivity benefits that these technologies offer. Why this can be disabled: Many organizations haven’t even started testing IPv6, much less fully deployed it. As indicated in the service description, the IP Helper service is leveraged in IPv4-to-IPv6 transitions

Please follow the steps below to disable it. PC restart my be required once you finish for the changes to take affect.

  • Press the keys “Windows” and “R” simultaneously. (Windows normally between Left Alt and Left Ctrl) or click the windows start button bottom left and click the search box
  • Type “services.msc” in the field and hit enter.
  • Scroll down and find “IP Helper” in the list.
  • Right-Click on “IP Helper” and select “Properties.”
  • Change “Startup type” to “Disabled.”
  • Stop the service
  • Click “Ok.”
  • Reboot your machine.

3. Java updater in running processes can also cause the game to drop in champion loading screen disable this if possible show up in process as jusched.exe*32

  • Right click on star bar then click on Task Manager then go to Processes and if its running kill the process by right clicking and pressing End Task
  • Next step is to disable it in Java

4. Switching to the NA (North America) server, grabbing the patch and then switching back to EU. This fix is not for NA users obviously 🙂

5. Use the Logitech G19 keyboard from Logitech can cause issues and the LOL support for Logitech seems to be causing problems.

  •   to disable the support ready Step 8 and Step 13 just in case.

6. Right click your lol.exe and go into properties and run it for 640 x 480 in the settings (the little tick box) the bug splats stop happening and it connects to the game successfully, maybe turning down the resolution in the actual config file / settings may help too.

  • your computer / riot games / league of legends / RADS / solutions / lol_game_client_sln / releases / / deploy – Right click league of legends .exe and tick the box for run in 640 x 480. doesn’t bug splat anymore.
    seems to work for a number of people, doesn’t seem to fix everyone though

7. I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 that is changing profile with LoL application.

  • Again disable switching in application or uninstall it.

8.Logitech hardware support

  • can now be disabled by adding “LogitechSupport=0” to the “General” section in your game.cfg Path – >C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\game.cfg (This may be different depend where you have installed your game)

9.  Blocking IP on firewall

  • This fix will block overloaded auth IP so u can connect to sever!!!
  • Also u can block it manually with ur router or firewall –
  • Open up Windows Firewall -> Advanced -> Inbound/Outbound Rule and add blocking for a specific IP

10.Disabling Logitech program/software can also fix game crashing.

  • This seems to fix the problem if you have a Logitech G35 software. Good advise. Disable it anyway 🙂

 11. ATI Catalyst and Nvidia Control panel may set up profiles which override program settings.

  • Try disabling them to ensure they are not conflicting with the game. Additionally, you could even enable a profile (if it was already disabled) to see if this fixes the problem.

12.After closing down the program “Logitech Gaming Software 8.50”

13. Renaming Logitech DLL files

  • Go to your Riot Games directory and there to: \Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s\XXXXX-version(it’s a number)\deploy
  • There are two files: LogitechGkey.dll and LogitechLed.dll
  • Make a copy of each file, just in case. Then delete the two in the \deploy folder. Loading screen should now start without crashing.

14. Unistalled LOLreplay

15. Another reason may be for those who updated to windows 8.1. In this case, RiotRadsIO.dll will make an error.


17. Run Compatibility troubleshooter

  • On Windows 8 Right click on LOL launcher then click on Properties -> Compatibility and Run compatibility Troubleshooter

18. Disabled LoLRecorder.

19. Uninstall Razor Game Booster.

20.  Install latest drives for Ati and Nvidia graphics card.

21. Don’t buy any hardware 🙂

22. In very hardcore situation Windows Re installation fix it as well.

23. Add lol…..exe files to DAP

Control – Panel – System -> Advance -> Performance then Settings -> Data Execution Prevention and add lol.launcher.exe / lol.launcher.admin then restart your PC.
24. Change DNS to and

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Many thanks!

Equipment Recommendation:

Logitech MX 518 High Performance Optical Gaming Mouse (Metal)

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Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

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