How to check Windows boot time

You can run the following command in powershell to check when was the last reboot of the machine.

Get-CimInstance -ClassName win32_operatingsystem | select csname, lastbootuptime

You will get the following results.

csname lastbootuptime
—— ————–
RAF-PC 26/02/2018 17:36:10

The other method is to see when the statistics started.

in CMd run

S:\>net statistics Workstation
Workstation Statistics for \\RAF-PC


Statistics since 26/02/2018 17:36:59


Bytes received 5314503667
Server Message Blocks (SMBs) received 1890
Bytes transmitted 1158776786
Server Message Blocks (SMBs) transmitted 1872
Read operations 53184
Write operations 1139
Raw reads denied 0
Raw writes denied 0

Network errors 0
Connections made 181
Reconnections made 0
Server disconnects 76

Sessions started 0
Hung sessions 0
Failed sessions 0
Failed operations 0
Use count 2468
Failed use count 6

The command completed successfully.


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