How to enable Hibernate Suspend in Fedora 21 or gnome shell

Strange enough this option is not easy available by some reason Fedora by default.

One of the easiest way to enable suspend or hibernate in Fedora when using a Gnome Shell isĀ  use of key Alt key before pressing the shutdown button in the gnome shell menu. By pressing the Alt button the button change itself to suspend.

There are much more suggestion on the internet available. The I found to be working was setting up keyboard shortcut in the keyboard configuaration.

I have setup the following command to enter the hibernate state

SuperKey(WindowsLogo) + Alt + h – this triggers the following command to be executed

systemctl hibernate – This works for me.

There are also pm-tools which you can install but by some reason this cause my system to crash when I have tried to enter hibernate state.

There is also an gnome-shell-extensions which get give you Suspend Hibernate button in the gnome shell menu but I have no lack with them.

Please share your thoughts on the above topic if you have better solution to this problem.

How to enable From Ruby Site Ri Docs

use the following command to enable From Ruby Site Ri missing documentation.

gem rdoc –all –ri –no-rdoc

rvm docs generate all

Now if you issue #ri String (you can see

= String < Object

= Includes:
Comparable (from ruby site)

(from ruby site)
BigDecimal extends the native String class to provide the #to_d method.

When you require BigDecimal in your application, this method will be available
on String objects.

additions to class String for Unicode normalization