Santander New Design is not perfect as you would expect :)

Santander bank recently introduce a new design of the Internet Banking. It does not take long to find out issues with it already.

The below is example of bad design or lack of Test Driven Development which I manage to discover :). I only hope that the new app/design has been properly tested and does contain bugs allowing smart people to use it in the way Santander would not expect 🙂

You won’t see the issue until you will try to resize the message window in the Send Secure Message Option.

Funny enough once the windows is resized you cannot change the dimension of it. It seems like their responsive design is not that responsive. Perhaps they should follow google practise and allow apps to be tested on some group of people instead of releasing it to the whole world at once.

I am not a User Interface expert or Usability expert as such 😉 but it sounds funny that Santander bank is allowing something like this. I only hope and pray that my million won’t disappear soon from my account because someone forgot to add showBalance(); function and I will end up having a heart attack from it.

I hope again that they Security Team is better than the App Tester Team.

Looks funny and it’s funny so I though I will share 🙂

Have Fun! Well done Santander now you owe me a beer!

santander bad design

santander bad design