How to create a new in Puppet – DevOps Tips

If you are trying out puppet management software on Linux it might be worth starting from something simple.

Once you have got puppet master server working and have got few nodes added you can start having fun with puppet.

In my VM configuration I would like to have a few servers running apache/nginx/dns/rails appilcation and by able to manage them using puppet and chef.

So lets create a new user usi  ng puppet.

1. To check user configuration you can run the following command:

#puppet resource user root

this will display you a user configuration.

2. To create a new user across the systems type in

#puppet resource user ami ensure=present shell=”/bin/bash”

this will create a new user resource in puppet master.

Then you can check your new user created by running

#puppet resource user ami

We can also open up our puppet console and go to:

Live Management -> Browse -> Resources -> Find user and type in our user.

We will see that the our user is there!

Well done!


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