How to add Ubuntu 14.0x to Puppet master as node

On node run the following set of command

Make sure that node can access puppet server by they hostname


/etc/hosts and make sure that similar is there puppet

You can check puppet website for available packages here

$ wget

$ sudo dpkg -i puppetlabs-release-trusty.deb

$ sudo apt-get update

then run

apt-get install puppet

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo puppet resource package puppet ensure=latest

You’ll need to restart the puppet service after upgrading.

you may need to edit /etc/default/puppet and change line

START=no to START=yes

This will enable you to use

service puppet start – command to run agent on node

Once this is completed you should be able to see a request in your Puppet Enterprise console

Please keep in mind that this quick how to is based on learn puppet Vmware and my own vmware server


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