Preparing development Machine on Linux for LAMP Programming based on Fedora Distro

1. Get Vmware Player if using Windows. It seems it much better than VirtualBox. Reason? It just works. Screen just works.
No time wasted for setting up resolutions etc. You can copy between screens etc. It just making live easier!

2. Update Fedora to latest.
yum distro-sync ( I need to do it to avoid transaction errors preventing me from installing Vim)

3. A must have for Vim users
yum install git
yum install vim
yum install gvim
Simply run the following command:
curl -L -o – | sh

4. Get a Vagrant so we can separate our servers 😉

5. Install necessary files (RHEL,Fedora based distros)
The below link can be useful.

yum install httpd
yum install php
yum install mysql
yum install php-mysql


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