LOL League of Legends Launcher Fixes

For those who are having the Kernel error
“ Patcher Kernel has stopped working”

A common solution is to run the Program(League of Legends) as Admin

Right click League of Legends
Run as Administrator

If unsuccessful, attempt the instructions within the Client/Launcher Related Issues link

For those who are having the Black/Disappearing Logo error
an alternative fixture could be

Right Click your Desktop
Go to Screen Resolutions
Click on Advanced Settings
Click the Monitor Tab
Alter the Screen Refresh Rate to 60Hertz(Hz)
(or what is available that is an increase/decrease)

For those who are having the Bugsplat/Reconnect error
An equivalent means to resolve this problem is to

Bring up Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete)
End Process for all League of Legends Applications
Right Click your LoL Launcher Icon
Go to Properties
Compatibility Tab
Check/UnCheck the Run this Program in compatibility mode:
Find Suitable Mode to Operate LoL (mine was Vista S1)
Run as Administrator
Apply Settings
(May have to restart computer, I have had to a couple times then other times I do not)
ReLaunch League

For those who are having the Rads/Un-launchable error <— Can resolve Kernel error as well
A possibility to resolve such issue could be to

Go to” C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects”
Delete the Folder called “lol_launcher”
Relaunch League of Legends
Patcher will download a new “lol_launcher”

Alternative route:

Go to “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\downloads”
Delete everything within the folder
Go back to “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects ”
Delete the lol_air_client and lol_air_client_config_na
Go back to “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions”
Delete everything within here
Restart Computer
Relauncher LoL as Administrator

Third Possiblity could be to

Uninstall League of Legends
Download and Install Alternative Patcher
NA Version
EUW Version
EUNE Version

Fourth Solution:

If you are running on NA launcher
Uninstall League
Delete/Remove Remaining Files or anything Excess pertaining to League
Restart Computer
Install Alternate Patcher/Installer (eg. EUNE/EUW vis versa if you are using EUNE/EUW)
Copy the Folders(C:\Programs\League of Legends\RADS\projects) and place onto Desktop:


Uninstall current Patcher/Installer
Restart Computer/Delete Remaining LoL files besides the copied files
Reinstall correct Version of LoL(if you normally use NA/EU/EUNE install that)
Copy Over the Installed Folders from your Desktop
Run League

For those who are Crashing In Lobby/Champion Selection

Crash Fix For Champ Select

Alternative Solution:
If you are running LoL Recorder/Replay

Close, Uninstall, or End Processes the program

For those who have Disconnected while In-Game

Many people seem to over look this or are unaware of the Pin
but regardless here is an Alternative Solution

Quick Reconnect/Ignore Login Process

For those who are getting Disconnect from error

Download Disable IPv6
Install the .msi file and follow the Prompt
ReLaunch LoL

If desired with unsuccessful attempt

Re-enable IPv6

Direct link for MS guide

Manual Disable IPv6

Disconnecting Alternatives<<—Can Help Resolve High Ping/Spikes as well

Disable/Uninstall Pando media booster
Disable Peer to Peer

Open Launcher
Click the Gear Icon
Uncheck Peer to Peer

Disable IP Helper

Press your Windows key
type Run in the search bar and open
type in services.msc then hit OK
scroll down to IP Helper and right click to Properties
Under the General tab you will see the Start up Type drop down menu
Change this to Disabled then press OK
Right Click IP Helper and click Stop

Add League to Windows Firewall

Go to your Control Panel
Open Windows Firewall
Click on Allow a program or feature through windows firewall
Add: Patcher
(path) League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_launcher\releases.0.0. 187\deploy\LoLLauncher.exe
League of Legends (TM) Client
(path)League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s.0.0.248\deploy\League of Legends.exe
lol.launcher.admin Optional
(path)League of Legends\lol.launcher.admin.exe

For those who are having the High Ping/Spikes error

High Ping Fix
Alternative Solutions for High Ping
Riot Thread in Regards to the High Latency

For those who are getting the Patch 33% error:

A few methods I have come by are

Outside of NA
Download the Hotspot Shield
Run LoL Patcher
Uninstall Hotspot Shield


Run LoL
Click the Repair
Wait roughly 10-15sec
Close LoL
Relaunch League

Third Solution:

Go to My Computer
Locate your League of Legends folder
Open your Rads folder
Delete everything Inside of your Solutions folder
Relaunch LoL Patcher
(Some may have have to delete the Entire Rads Folder)

For those who are receiving the Did Not Receive Response From Server error:

Ensure League is Closed
Open up Internet Explorer
Vist any website outside of your homepage
Relaunch League

Ensure these settings are Correct

Go to Internet Options
Connections Tab
Lan Settings
Under Automatic Configuration section
Check “Automatically detect settings”
Under Proxy Server section
Check Use a proxy server for your LAN
Check Bypass proxy server for local address

For those who are getting the Shader 2.0 error:

Make sure LoL is closed
Open your League of Legends\Config folder
There will be a file called game.cfg
Delete this
Relaunch League of Legends
It will patch the missing file/s
Once in a game go to VIDEO settings and apply preferred resolution/settings

Alternative Solution:

Right click League of Legends and go to Properties
Go to the Compatibility Tab
Check “Run in 640×480 screen resolution”
Then Apply/OK and relaunch LoL
Run a custom/game
Once Loaded press ESC and go to VIDEO settings
Change your Resolution to desired settings and apply
Close League and go back to your Compatibility tab
Uncheck “Run in 640×480 screen resolution”
Then Apply/OK and relaunch LoL

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League of Legends Common Issue and Fixes

Wrenchmen’s Toolbox
Here’s a list of common problems and questions as well as a few ideas on how to solve these issues. Please check here for a solution first.

<a href=”;hosted_button_id=83QDLDM92A5R8″><img src=”; alt=”” /></a>

If you’d like to search directly for your issue, start here Knowledge Base

If you don’t see your issue, or the solutions here don’t work, feel free to post in the forums for the helpful and well-tooled Wrenchmen, fellow players and occasional Riot Support Staff. Make sure to Attach any relevant files to your post.

All issues are sorted in order of their possible occurrence from before you get in, to after you’re done playing. The fixes aren’t necessarily in the order that you should do them…but they are kind of in that order. Please note, whenever you test out a fix, you should always join a practice game, this lets you avoid being flagged by LeaverBuster.

Remember this is all to help you help yourself, if you’d like additional support from Riot Staff, please open at ticket at…s_requests/new or post a thread in the Help and Support Forums.

Getting Started – Setup and Install

Where do I download this game?
2. Please make sure you select the proper regional client (North American vs European)
3. If the first link or Pando is giving you trouble, Use this link

What are Minimum System Requirements?

New Downloader Support

I’m new, now what?
1. You may want to visit:New Player Help Forums

I accidentally made my account on the wrong server!
1. It is not possible to transfer accounts between servers, you will need to create a new account in the correct region.

Launcher Issues – You just clicked on the game icon, it’s trying to patch…or not.

Basic Launcher Troubleshooting
1. Please start here with the Launcher Troubleshooting Guide –;.php?t=1538750
2. If #1 and the info below don’t fix your issue, Make sure you attach your logs

Server Status: Unavailable/Busy
1. The servers are actually down, check The Server Status Forum, there’s usually an announcement.
2. You need to Enable Scripting.
3. Restart your computer
4. Your Internet Explorer is in Offline Mode, change it.
5. You’re set to use a proxy server, turn it off, Internet Options -> Connection -> Lan Settings -> Set to Auto Detect
6. Turn off Certificates in IE, IE Options > Advanced > Restore Advanced Settings, IE Options > Advanced > Uncheck “Check for server certificate authentication” (After successfully logging in, revert your certificate settings back to default to avoid any unnecessary security vulnerability)
7. Run through the other Windows & IE Troubleshooting in the KB
8. Try powercycling (restarting) your modem.
9. Reset your Internet Security Settings, Internet Options->Advanced->Reset Button
10. Make sure your computer’s clock is synced
11. Try this Fix from Microsoft
12. Uninstall Pando Media Booster

Launcher Closes Without Warning / Does not open when clicked
1. Try running as an admin by right clicking on the executable and selecting “Run As” and “Administrator”
2. Make sure your Internet Explorer Settings are set properly.
3. If you recently did a system restore, had a virus or did a Windows reinstall, you may want to try Reinstalling League of Legends.
4. Run through the RADS Fix in This Video

Error Message: “Unable to connect to the network”
1. The game needs to be installed in a subdirectory in order to work properly
2. You might have been logged in during downtime, try again in a bit

I get a RADS error – Could not to connect to HTTP server / Patcher Kernel Stopped Working
1. Close out your game/patcher, hit ctrl+alt+delete and make sure all instances of LoL.Launcher are gone, then restart the patcher process and let it sit.
2. Go to your Riot Games/RADS/System folder under your default install path, right click and run the rads_user_kernel.exe file as an admin, then try starting your patcher.
3. Try deleting your LoL_Air_Client folder (the default install path for this folder is c:\Riot Games\RADS\Projects) and then repatching.
3. See this article, About changing to a public DNS
4. Replace /RADS/system/rads_user_kernel.exe, with this file
5. Try installing, Microsoft Dot NET Framework 4.0 and, Dot NET 3.5
6. Try running through the RADS solution in this Video Fix

The Launcher stops downloading
1. Let the Launcher run for up to 15 minutes
2. Restart the Launcher
3. Power Cycle (restart) your modem and/or router
4. Make sure that lol.launcher.exe is listed as an exception in your firewall
5. Turn off Peer 2 Peer transfer in your Patcher options
6. Temporarily disable firewall and anti-virus software.
7. Click on the two gears in the upper right of the patcher window and try the repair option.
8. Did you visit the Internet Connection Troubleshooting Articlein the KB?
9. Try Reinstallingyour League of Legends

The Launcher has experienced an error?
1. Make sure you are current on your Windows Updates
2. Make sure you have Dot NET Framework 3.5 or uninstall then reinstall your Dot NET Framework.
3. If you are running Windows Vista/Windows 7 make sure the install path is NOT in Program Files
4. Are you having A Connection Failure on logging in?
5. Reinstall League of Legends

I get “the application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect”
1. Make sure you’re up to date on your Windows Updates
2. Make sure you have Dot NET Framework 3.5/4
3. Install, Microsoft C++ Redistributable (Note: Link for x86 only, if you’re running a 64 bit OS, find the correct version)
4. Reinstall your League of Legends,…gue-of-legends

I get, “Client Version 1.##.## is rejected by the server”
1. Close any instances of or the LoL launcher and restart your patcher. Allow it to complete.
2. After the patch process finishes, hit the button with 2 gears in the upper right corner of your patcher and complete the repair process.
3. If you are able to login, you may also want to try starting a custom game to see if you’re still getting the version rejected error.
4. If that did not work, close your launcher and Delete lol_air_client and lol_launcher from (default path) C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects
5. Uninstall Pando Media Booster
6. Make sure you’re up to date on your Windows Updates
7. Try running the game as an administrator, right click on the executable, select “Run As” “Administrator”

The Patcher crashes my computer
1. Reinstall your Video Card and Network Drivers
2. You may have bad memory/need to downclock your RAM,
3. You may have other bad hardware

I can’t click the Play button / nothing happens after I click the play button
1. Your Active Scripting is disabled, Go to Internet Options -> Security -> Active scripting (near the bottom) -> Enable -> OK. Restart the launcher.
2. Go to your projects folder (Default path is C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects) and delete the lol_air_client, then restart your patcher.
3. Go to your projects folder and delete the lol_launcher folder inside, this will reset your patcher completely.
4. Try turning off your UAC in Windows 7/Vista (does not apply to XP)…ndows-vista%2F

None of that worked, my internet is teh pwned
1. Power Cycle (restart) your modem and router
2. Try plugging directly into your modem if you use a router.
3. Reinstall your network card drivers.
4. Reinstall League of Legends
5. Make sure Your Open Ports are Open you can also try or
6. Make sure You forwarded the correct ports on your router
7. If using a Bigfoot Killer NIC, set it to LLR App Mode
8. Run, post in the forums with your results/issue
9. Check with your ISP about issues / blocking
10. If your Peer 2 Peer is blocked, try
11. Try using this Standalone Client

Cannot Login / Account Issues

Connection Failure: Unable to connect to
1. Try syncing your Windows Clock, double check the time, date and year.
2. Make sure your Windows is up to date at
3. Make sure you Have opened your required network ports
4. Make sure You’ve updated your Firewall including this EXE (default install path), C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases.0. 0.68\deploy\LolClient.exe and this website,
5. Check out this article in the KB, On Connection Failures
6. Follow the other 11 network troubleshooting steps above

Invalid Username / Password
1. Try again
2. Try again, again
3. Did you make a New Account yet? Link for US only.
4. Try Recovering Your Account
5. Make sure you’re on the correct Client (US vs EU)
6. Servers may be down, try again later, (or Try again, again, again, but later)

Some sort of Maestro Error
1. Restart your computer
2. Temporarily Disable/Make exceptions in your Anti-virus/Anti-spyware software
3. Temporarily Disable/Make exceptions in your Firewall
4. Disable process protection software.
5. Make sure you’re running software in Administrative Mode/With admin privileges
6. In Windows Vista/Windows 7, double check your Account Controls
7. Reset your Internet Explorer Settings and make sure you have not disabled scripting options
8. Double check this article On Maestro Problems

Why was my name changed or How can I get my name changed?
1. Your name was reported and Riot agreed it was offensive.
2.If Riot changed your name or you accidentally put your real name as your summoner name, please open at ticket here and they should be able to accommodate you. For other requests, please try creating a new account; Riot generally doesn’t grant other name change requests.
3. If you would like to change your name for any reason, name changes are available in the store.

Can I transfer characters / my account?
1. Unfortunately, it is impossible to transfer ANYTHING between accounts or from NA to EU servers under any circumstances. This includes, purchased unlocks, special skins, etc. Please be sure you upgrade accounts only when you are sure you wish to play on that server.

I’ve accepted the Summoner’s Code but my name is still grey.
1. Take a look at This Thread

How do I change the game default language?
1. See the Changing in-game language guide here.

I get a certificate error
1. Your computer’s clock my not be listing the correct date, Make sure you sync your computer to the actual date
2. Turn off Certificates in IE, IE Options > Advanced > Restore Advanced Settings, IE Options > Advanced > Uncheck “Check for server certificate authentication”
3. Make sure your Windows Settings are properly configured.
4. Update your Internet Explorer, or if you have a more updated version of Internet Explorer you may have to uncheck these settings instead: “Check for server certificate revocation,” “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation,” “Warn about certificate address mismatch.” Graphics Issues / Can’t See Store, Etc.

Nothing shows up when I go into the store / I get a black screen
1. Restart your client
2. Check to make sure you have cookies enabled in your Internet Settings.
3. You need to have TLS 1.0 & SSL 3.0 enabled, in Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab, all the way at the bottom
4. Reset your Internet Explorer Settings
5. Make sure you’re not set to “Work Offline” mode in IE.
6. Update your Internet Explorer.

The Lobby / Store does not display properly / at all
1. Reset Internet Explorer to Default Settings. Tools -> Internet Options ->

Store Purchase Issues

Says my store session has expired
1. Check to make sure you have cookies enabled
2. Check out This Article on Session Expired

I bought something from the store but it failed/errored/double charged
1. Open at ticket with Riot Tech Support with any issues related to real money. Make sure to include your name, your account name, when & what you bought and how you bought it.
2. If you tried to purchase with a credit card, See this article.
3. Check the Knowledge Base on Riot Point Purchase Errors
4. Check out this…=191091&page=3

I bought a champion and he/she/it is not showing up
1. There is a visual bug where after you purchase a character they may still appear grayed out even if they are selectable. When you go into champion select, make sure your filter is set to All and try clicking on the picture.
2. Sometimes the system also takes a little while to update. Try logging out and coming back in to see if the champion becomes available.
3. Please check the Store FAQ on store issues.
4. If you’ve waited a while and for sure can’t select the champion, please open at ticket at

My Prepaid Credit/Debit Card did not work for my purchase
1. Visa/Mastercard require you to register your prepaid card before you can make online purchases. Registration should be available at your card provider’s website.
2. Please see This Prepaid Card Thread for more information

I can’t purchase anything with Paypal
1. Hit the Tab button twice then hit your Spacebar
2. Clear out your Internet Explorer Cache and Browsing History.
3. Review PayPal Display Issues in the Knowledge Base

I want to install a custom skin but am afraid
1. Be afraid, modifying game files can cause your patcher to freeze
2. If you still want to do it, please Review this guide.

I would like a refund
1. Refunds are not able to be provided for most purchases.
2. For all issues with specific purchases, please open at ticket here

Can’t Enter A Match / Matchmaker Issues

Before I enter a match, everything goes black/game doesn’t start
1. Your graphics card might not support Shader 2.0 – I.E. get a new graphics card
2. Make sure your computer meets the Minimum Requirements
3. Make sure Your display settings are set properly.
4. If you can’t get in, you can also Change your resolution out of game
5. Check the Graphics troubleshooting guide

After Champion Select, the game crashes
1. Did you copy someone else’s install? You need to Reinstall the game
2. Double check your Firewall, Ports and Anti-Virus settings with the tips listed above.
3. Use This link to update your DirectX install
4. Did you recently use System Restore? – You probably need to reinstall

I get an “Out of Range Error” when starting a match
1. Make even more sure Your Resolution is set properly

I get a Shader Model 2.0 or Direct3D Error
1. You do not have the correct graphics cards drivers installed, please, reinstall or updated your drivers
2. You need to update your DirectX,

Queue Is Taking Forever
1. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes, more if you’re higher ELO
2. Try restarting the Queue
3. Server may be doing an update or having issues, try playing a practice game. Title said game “Queue Hurts My Wookie”

In Game Graphics Issues

Graphics Troubleshooting
1. See the Graphics Troubleshooting Guide

Players Jump Around / Go fast
1. Should be resolved, if not you have an AMD and can set the affinity of the game to use 1 cpu
2. Right click on the league of legends process (not the launcher) in the task manager while the game is running and click set affinity and select only one cpu. You’ll need to do that every time

I can’t see the ground / My terrain flickers / I get artifacts on the terrain
1. In your in-game graphics settings, try enabling “Fast Terrain”
2. If already enable, try disabling

I’m a left hander / How do I use the keypad?
You can add these to [GameEvents] (add it if it doesn’t exist) to input.ini file (default location, C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\game\DATA\CFG\defaults)

evtScrollUp = [Num8]
evtScrollDown =[Num2]
evtScrollLeft = [Num4]
evtScrollRight = [Num6]

IMPORTANT: Make sure not to modify the input.ini file under defaults as that will break patching. Modify the one under League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s.0.0.###\deploy\DATA\CFG and add one if it doesn’t exist. You can use the one under defaults as a guide.

FPS Issues In Game

I have bad FPS in game
1. Read the in the Knowledge Base
2. Take a look at the FPS Troubleshooting Guide

The mouse pointer / menus are slow
1. You have an integrated graphics card which doesn’t run as well.
2. Turn off any running anti-virus scan or other program using lots of resources

Lag (Latency) and Disconnection Issues In Game

I lag in game
1. Turn off other downloading / streaming
2. Power Cycle (restart) your modem and router
3. Try plugging directly into your modem if you use a router.
4. Disable Peer-2-Peer transfers in the patcher (gears icon top right, save settings, restart PC)
5. Uninstall Pando Media Booster (Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs)
6. Reinstall your network card drivers.
7. Run, post in the forums with your results/issue
8. Check with your ISP about issues / blocking
9. Try some Connection Troubleshooting Tips

I always get disconnected in the middle of the game
1. Well, try reconnecting they still need you!!!
2. Check to see if you can still get online somewhere else.
3. Check your router settings or try plugging directly into your modem

I’m still connected, but I can no longer move or do anything
1. Disconnect and reconnect to the game, you may have to shut down the client

I got disconnected and have Game Still In Progress, but can’t reconnect
1. Wait 20-30 seconds and try again
2. Iif you keep crashing in the launcher.Try downloading and unzipping this, []Disconnection workaround tool then running the .exe file
3. The server may have crashed in which case everything’s going to be borked for a little bit. Come back in an hour and try again.

Ranked Play

Why am I getting 1-5 LP for a win, but losing way more for a loss?
1. This is known as clamping, and occurs when you’re up for a Tier promotion but your MMR is far lower than expected. You can read a bit more about how and why this happens in the Season 3 FAQ.

I won a game but lost LP / I lost a game but still gained LP
1. This is a visual display bug that can occur when the LP system is delayed. You did not actually lose LP for a game you won, it’s just showing a previous update, and you will still get your points as normal.

Leaver Issues / Disconnects / Bad Players

I got a BugSplat Error
1. BugSplat is Riot’s critical and compatibility error reporting tool. It’s used to identify game conflicts with your specific system.
2. Unfortunately, this means that these issues happen on a case-by-case basis and it’s hard to offer a fix on the forums.
3. Some basic things to try include taking a look at this article in the KB, updating your DirectX, Video Card Drivers, Microsoft Dot NET Frameworks, Windows Updates, Reinstalling LoL
4. As mentioned, because these issues are system specific they are difficult to address on the forums. If you need additional help please make sure you submit your BugSplat report, follow up with a ticket to Riot Support and include your DxDiag report.

I have a leave, but it wasn’t on purpose
1. The leave system was always intended to flag disconnects for any reason. Even if you didn’t rage quit, you still get a leave.
2. If you acquired a leaver mark due to circumstances beyond your control, (including disconnections, game crashes, etc.) unfortunately it is not possible to remove leaver marks from individual player accounts.

I was banned what do I do?
1. There are several types of bans ranging from temporary suspensions to permanent account bans, you should automatically receive an e-mail with ban information and terms if this occurs.
2. If you want to find out more or feel you have been unjustly banned, please open a ticket at

Post Game Issues

I didn’t get any IP from the game I played
1. Were you playing a practice (custom) game? After too many custom games in a short period will greatly reduce or eliminate IP or XP from those game types.
2. Open a ticket at with your account name, when you played and what happened.

My game crashes after I finish a match / It says I’m still in game
1. If you’re in Vista or Windows 7 it may have just minimized, also a known issue
2. You may need more system resources (RAM). You should have at least 2 gigs
3. Avoid clicking the “skip waiting for stats” button, or give the server time to synchronize
4. See this Article if you get a, “Session Closed” Message

How Do I Report a Bug?
1. Please reply or make a new post in the Bug Reporting Forums

Someone Hacked My Account! Help!
1. Try using the automated account recovery system…g-your-account
2. Open a ticket at

Logitech MX 518 High Performance Optical Gaming Mouse (Metal)

Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse

Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Weight Tuning

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

Razer Naga 2014 MMO Gaming Mouse