Why GitHub for Windows could be better?

It’s no surprize that Github and Ruby on Rails are NOT well supported on Windows Platform.
Why? I don’t really know.


I have been recently uploading some of my old work to my Github account https://github.com/ber5ien  and found out that my Github on Windows app is doing very well.

I was only committing around 3500 files to it and the memory usage was about 800 Mb of Ram. Really ? What is the reason ? The size of all files is around 30mb.


Pretty shocking experience and I do not need to mention that my pc get was slow down as well :).


I started uploading it around 2hours ago and I don’t see the end of it or even the progression bar :>.


Few word to the owner of this app http://windows.github.com/

I know you can do better guys and Thank you for current work!


I have to admin that I am more Linux orientated for Dev work but there are some many people using Windows and would like the nice UI (User Interface).

Do you know something better? Let me know. Post your comments.



Uploading it using my bash line would be some much easier 🙂



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