How list files in Python

This is the code for displaying files in the current directory:

import os, fileinput
files_to_proceed = os.listdir()



Security Threats Table

Hi Guys,
Please find some basic info about the security threats. This is only the basic and most common info so I am sure there is more!
Attacker                                   Ability                            Threat
Eavesdropper            Intercept messages                  Read contents of message
Intruder                      Compromised host                  Tamper with contents of message
Impersonator            Remote social engineering     Trick party into giving information
Extortionist                Remote / botnet                       Disrupt network services
Hope you enjoy it.
Do you won’t more? Post it in comments are I will try to add due to course.
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Recipe for Designing Functions in programming languages

Recipe for Designing Functions:

1. Examples
    What should your function do?
    Type a couple of examples calls.
    Pick a name (often a verb or verb phrase):
    What is a short answer to “What does your functions do?”
2. Type Contract
    What are the parameter types?
    What type of value is returned?
3. Header
    Pick meaningfull parameters names.
4. Description
    Mention every parameter in your descriptions.
    Describe the return value.
5. Body
6. Test
    Run the examples

Python Programming Keyboard shortcut for accessing previous statement in IDLE

I hope this helps you to learn programming in Python. I found out that this is quite useful not it does not get mentioned in books.


alt + p = previous statement


alt +n  = next statement

On Mac:

ctrl + p = previous statement


ctrl +n  = next statement


Have fun!

What are Problem Domains?

A problem domain is an area of expertise that needs to be understood in order to solve a problem. When programmers are hired, they usually need to learn about their customer’s problem domain. For example, if a programmer is hired by a non-profit organization to help with their financial database, that programmer might have to learn how taxes apply to non-profit organizations.